…Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear Collection.

I fell in love with this fabulous collection! I would say its kind of rock-chic mixture. There is leather,  zebra prints, mini dresses with flowing trains and fantastic accessories! Amazing!!!

I have seen the designer from Blumarine,Anna Molinari, used a lot of black in the collection but black is always in style!!!

Click on the logo to watch the glamorous Fashion Show:

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10 Responses to Blumarine

  1. Tanya William says:

    This collection rocks!!!<3

  2. Ariana says:

    Wohoho what a mega cool collection from Blumarine

  3. Victoria Scheckler says:

    i think i fell in love with this great outfits too .BEAUTIFUL

  4. Michael W. says:

    I like the models 😉

  5. Ashley says:

    Waaaaaaaaa I LOVE THIS!!!

  6. Jennifer Heizman says:

    Gorgeoussssssssssss clothes ❤

  7. Marco Hermas says:

    I love your blog Ale

  8. Christiane S says:

    Blumarine collection is very nice!

  9. Yvonné says:

    I love the designer brand Blumarine

  10. Yvonné says:

    my favorite

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