Men’s sneakers

Some cool pairs of men sneakers from Reebok and two pictures from Reebok Reeconnect Campaign…

And also these sneakers below from Z Zegna and Marc Jacobs have an interesting design. High top sneakers are my favorite too bad these are just for men.

Find them on:


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18 Responses to Men’s sneakers

  1. Michael W. says:

    Super cool i like all of the pairs

  2. Dave J. says:

    great sneakers Ale!

  3. Ariana says:

    Reebook Reconnect XD!!!

  4. Ariana says:

    yeah too bad are just men

  5. Marco Hermas says:

    I like the post!

  6. Dennis Sandler says:

    i like the third pair from zegna the most

  7. Dennis Sandler says:

    but all are great!

  8. Paty says:

    amazing sneakers!! I specially like Marc Jacobs cuteeee the design!

  9. Andreas Klaus says:

    Reebok and Z Zegna rocks!!!!!!!!

  10. Jennifer Heizman says:

    nice mens sneakers, especially those from z zegna and marc jacobs

  11. fani says:

    hammer schue echt geil job tom omg geil

  12. Tanya William says:

    cooool sneakers!!!!

  13. Victoria Scheckler says:

    great brands

  14. Stephanie Felicity says:

    Hey Ale:D

    Love those shoes but the boy in the picture takes my attention (A)
    Hahah 😀
    Still love youre blog 😉

    xxx Steph

  15. Thomas says:

    i want a pair from z zegna i love those sneakers !

    and reebok too

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