Tommy Hilfiger…

Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Tommy Hilfiger’s runway collection was filled with spring-inspired colors. We saw red, white, light blue, cream, yellow or green.A splendid clothing line!

The outfits are sporty and casual with a sophisticated design…Hilfiger’s collection included shirt dresses, tennis sweaters, short jackets ,waistcoats or skirts…

The Fashion Show was attended by a very famous crowd. Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker among others were there to celebrate 25 years of Tommy Hilfiger.

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16 Responses to Tommy Hilfiger…

  1. Tanya William says:

    I’m speechless!!!

    I love the collection!!!!!

  2. Monika Kors says:

    I fell in love with this line! ♥

  3. Monika Kors says:

    Every piece is so lovely

  4. Paty says:

    I love it! love it!

  5. Ashley says:

    Tommy’s is amazing!!

  6. Yvonné says:

    magnifique, j’adore ❤

  7. Ashley says:

    The collection is amazing!

    I love the colors and the delicate design!

  8. William says:

    Another great designer !

  9. Ariana says:


  10. Ariana says:

    My fav collection so far

  11. These clothes are so american and so wonderful…I love them!
    Your posts about Fashion Weeks are amazing Ale,as usual 🙂

  12. Jennifer Heizman says:

    still in love with this collection just wooow!!!

  13. jacqueline says:

    Lovin’ the new collection

  14. Karmen says:

    Good line! I like it very much

  15. Thomas says:

    One of the best designers!

  16. Michael W. says:

    very originally

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