Viktor & Rolf

Ready-To-Wear  SS11 Collection

This is one of the collection which I’ve been very excited to see at Paris Fashion Week. The Dutch fashion designers, Viktor & Rolf, came with another incredible show and a brand new line built out of crisp whites and banker striped shirts.

There were asymmentric shirtdresses, simple tailored trousers in black or pale blue, wedding dresses made from layers of severely starched white shirttails, blouses that cut away into extralong tails or shirts with huge shoulders…

The color palette included colors as white, black, aquamarine, blue, or red and the silhouette varies from comfortable and wide shapes to more tight-fitting constructions.

I’m completely fascinated by their stunning ideas and the way they are playing with the silhouettes and proportions….always beautifully constructed clothes, brilliantly presented.

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22 Responses to Viktor & Rolf

  1. Ashley says:

    what a cool design 🙂

  2. Monika Kors says:

    Aweeeesome … love it ♥

  3. Leticia Heiland says:

    amazing collection from V&R

  4. Dave J. says:

    Really Cool.

  5. jacqueline says:

    great outfits I like them

  6. Style Fest says:

    Loved it! Awesome concept. Viktor & Rolf are amazing

  7. Victoria says:

    It looks fab!

  8. Tanya William says:

    the colors are just so great with the style

  9. Yvonné says:

    J’aime les vêtements!!!

  10. Yvonné says:

    Splendide ♥

  11. Marco Hermas says:

    outstanding ! great shapes

  12. Christiane says:

    wow…beautiful, nice!

  13. Ariana says:

    Looks great 🙂 Love it !

  14. Attiyahd says:

    Awesome blog! I found it randomly.
    Gonna check it very often.

    Best regards from Greece

  15. Rachel Marilyn says:

    Love it!

    I am verry, verry proud of them as a Dutch girl xD

    Really loved their Upside Down Store in Milan, but ok..

    xoxo ❤

  16. hi!This was a really splendid Topics!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to find your blog in google
    Also I obtain much in your topic really thanks very much i will come again

  17. Thomas says:

    these guys are awesome

  18. Paty says:

    sweet colors, fabulous!

  19. Beatrice says:


  20. avg says:

    we gon’ party tonight

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