Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S Campaign

The new advertising campaign for Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S was shot by the famous photographer ,Richard Burbridge.

…And the models chosen for the female and male campaign are the top models : Suzanne Diaz and Benjamin Hill.

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17 Responses to Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S Campaign

  1. Ryan says:

    looks great,i like it. 😉

  2. Ashley says:

    Very nice!!!
    I love Armani! ❤

  3. Beatrice says:

    this is so amazing

  4. Beatrice says:

    i like the pics xoxo

  5. Jennifer says:

    It’s really gorgeous and cool.

  6. Ariana says:

    love it!!! nice

  7. Dave J. says:

    Very awesome campaign!

  8. Michael Walter. says:


    Well done!

  9. Leticia says:

    is super cool!!! like it a lot! xoxo

  10. Marco says:

    Great campaign pics

  11. Thomas says:

    like this

  12. htothedizzle says:

    If you have time today would you mind voting for me? It’s legit and the contest ends Jan. 1st. I’m in 7th place out of 1400 other models.

    Please, if you don’t think I deserve to be in the top ten spots click on one of the icons to the right of my picture and vote for one of those girls!

    The vote button is to the left of my photo! Thank you so much!


  13. thermacuts says:

    It is always pleasure to read your content, will back here soon

  14. Paty says:

    awww, like it xD amazing video!

  15. Tanya Williams says:

    armani ❤

  16. I like Armani and I like Samsung (My dearest mini Laptop belongs to the Samsung family and he never let me down so ❤ xD)

    Nice campaign 🙂

    xoxo ❤

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