Exclusive Interview with ELLE’s Magazine Senior Accessories Editor l Kyle Anderson

   ● When did you start working with ELLE Magazine and what is the best thing about your job?

KA: I started working at ELLE about 6 years ago and before that I was an intern here in the Fashion Department. The best thing about being a Senior Accessories Editor is seeing the best and most beautiful clothing and accessories from around the world. I think I’m the kind of person who gets bored easily so it’s important to always be doing something new. At ELLE we work on so many different types of stories, shopping pages, trend pages and accessories pages that there is always something new and completely different just around the corner.

● How important are the accessories?

KA: I know that sounds a bit cliché, being an accessories editor- but I really do believe that accessories are everything. I always recommend people to purchase simple classic clothing. Honestly, whenever I see someone wearing something beautiful, in most cases, its from Zara! For clothing, price is not important. However, when it comes to accessories I would only invest in the best items. Hermes birkin bag, Chanel quilted chain strap bag, Rolex watch, Cartier Jewelry, Azzedine Alaia belts, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. This is where you splurge and have fun. Wear Topshop or Zara or H&M but not accessories. Those should be the show-stoppers.

● What’s your fashion must-have this season?

KA:  A few things. The Alexander Wang circular clutch with mini fox tails, Thigh high Black boots (I love Gianvito Ross, Tom Ford, Giuseppe Zanotti), Silver or white gold jewelry (I love my Rolex, I also really love the Tiffany choker in my ELLE Editor’s picks). Its one of my favorite pieces. It’s classic- but edgy. Sexy but tough at the same time. I think any time is the right time to invest in an Azzedine Alaia corset belt in black.

● How would you describe your style?

KA: I think its a cross between rock n’ roll, biker and military. These days more than anything I’m looking for BLACK. I’m very inspired by the Givenchy men’s AND women’s runway shows. I think Ricardo Tisci is a genius. Almost everything I wear is either Balmain or Givenchy. Tough, grungy, expensive, sexy, rock n’ roll, dark.

● What are your favorite things in your wardrobe?

KA:  My Rolex. I love it. It was a gift for my 30th birthday and I wear it everyday. My black combat boots from BESS in soho, NYC. I also wear them a few times every week. Balmain t-shirts: they are so comfortable. Leather pants from Versace with studs on them. They’re so soft and they go with everything. My Givenchy rottweiller t-shirt. Its the t-shirt of the season. Everyone comments on it! It’s gotten a great response from everyone! Camouflage pants. For me camouflage is sort of a new neutral. I wear them with everything from rock n’ roll looks to things that are preppy -all year.

● Do you have any style icon?

KA: I find different kinds of inspiration from a lot of different people. Mostly from movies or music icons. Madonna’s music videos have a lot of fashion. I can see her inspiration on designers like Dolce & Gabbana every season. But I’m inspired by a lot of movies as well. Not so much for my own personal style, but just by their style and confidence in general. Bonnie & Clyde, Gilda, Gone with the Wind, mostly strong condident female characters who know what they want and arent afraid of dressing a bit over-the-top or using fashion in more of a way to “get what they want”. Who can forget Rita Hayworth in Gilda? Or when Scarlett O’hara who used fashion and her appearance to convey confidence.

● What is your attitude towards money? Are you a spender or a saver?

KA: Both. I save where I can but I buy anything I really like. I’ll never say no to myself. You only live once and I want to be as happy and satisfied as I can be while I’m alive.

● Which are some of your favorite brands?

KA: Givenchy, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Gucci, Alexander McQueen.

● Where’s your favorite place to travel / live?

KA:  I will only live in NYC. I’m pretty content here and I’ve been here for the past 10 years. However, I’m half Swedish and half German and love to go to Stockholm and Berlin a few times per year. Stockholm has amazing street style and a great way of living. Berlin is one of the best party cities in the world. I love them both. I’ve also been to Tokyo about 14 times just for shopping and of course for Japanese food.

● What are your plans for the next month?

KA:  A busy one! I just moved to a new apartment that opened in Times Square last weekend.  At ELLE we are just wrapping up our GIGANTIC holiday gift guide which we have been working on day and night… I’m also shooting two stories for SCHON! Magazine, a story for Essential Homme Magazine, prepping for a cover shoot, and one Ad Campaign. I’m planning a birthday party for my friend model Andrej Pejic this week, I just launched my own website KyleEditor.com as well as gearing up for NY, London and Milan Fashion Weeks!

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Anderson & Julio Gaggia; Interview by Alexandra Cristea;

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  1. Dave J says:

    Super COOL interview !

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    great work , i love it!!!


  3. Karmen says:

    Wowww so awesome!!!!!!!!!! XXXX

  4. Ryan says:

    I really like this interview 🙂

  5. Beatrice says:

    very nice clutch by alex wang xo

  6. Fernanda says:

    Love Kyle! Great interview and advices!

    Greeting from Spain,

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    amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. anders11 says:

    Hi Kyle, great reading and interesting interview!

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    Likeeeeee it!
    Great job you both!

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    love Kyle’s must have for the fall season ♥

  11. jaquelin says:

    bravo I enjoyed reading this interview

  12. Patrícia Pereira says:

    Another fantastic interview. Congrats!! 🙂

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