Exclusive Interview with Fabryan’s Designer l Samantha-Jane

Launched in 2010 by head designer and owner Samantha-Jane, Fabryan is a new luxury label based in London, specialising in Ready-to-Wear and Bespoke pieces. Offering a selection of versatile pieces, perfect for a smooth day and evening transition , Fabryan captures luxury with its distinctive, quintessential feminine signature for the modern women.

● When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? And how hard is to manage your own label?

S.J: I’ve always had an interest in fashion design and art. I guess subliminally I wanted it to happen. I finally took the plunge in 2010.

● What do you like best about designing clothes and what’s the biggest satisfaction?

S.J: One can be going about their everyday life and you see something that suddenly triggers an idea for a design. I get a lot of buzz from seeing my deigns on the catwalk.

● What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

S.J: Black. Not only is it my favourite colour. Many women look very good in this colour. And its a good canvas to accessories with colours

● How would you define London’s fashion?

S.J: Chic and Trendy

● What a women can’t miss to have in her wardrobe from Fabryan latest collection ?

S.J: This year we launched our accessories range, part of which is our Psychedelic Scarf collection, these are proving very popular. Scarves are an indispensable accessory to every woman’s wardrobe.

● What inspires you and your designs?

S.J: Spring/Summer 2012 collection was inspired by Red carpet glamour. The dresses were designed with a philosophy of simplicity and elegance in mind and intelligently matches beauty with style.

● What can we expect from Fabryan in the future?

S.J: Hopefully you can expect good things from Fabryan! At the moment we are working on a Jewellery collection. We will also be working on new fashion concept to add to our accessories range for 2012.

● Where’s your favorite place to travel ?

S.J: New York

Photo: Courtesy of Fabryan; Interview by: Alexandra Cristea

Visit : fabryan.com

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6 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Fabryan’s Designer l Samantha-Jane

  1. Karmen says:


  2. Beatrice says:

    beautiful dresses by fabryan!

  3. Dennis says:

    Great work

  4. Ash says:

    Nice !!! ❤ I love it!!!xoxo

  5. Filippo says:

    nice done! Looks intresting!

  6. Patrícia Pereira says:

    An amazing interview with the designer Samantha-Jane!! I love Fabryan luxury label!!
    Congratulations for the interview Ale!!

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