Kyle Anderson l Accessories Director at Marie Claire

 ●  Since we talked last time, many changes have taken place meanwhile! Recently you have just been appointed as the new Accessories Director at Marie Claire, replacing Taylor Tomasi Hill. Tell us how do you feel in this new position and what this change means for you?

KA: I think of course its an opportunity for me to learn and to grow and working for Nina again is the perfect way to do this. Each day I’m learning a lot and at the same time I hope that I’m helping to bring Marie Claire in a direction that is always fun, smart, energetic, sexy and cool.

●  How excited are you to work again with Nina Garcia?

KA: I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Nina again. Over the past few weeks we’ve had a lot of fun working on our March issue together. Its great to share a very similar esthetic with your boss, especially when it comes to working at a fashion magazine. Nina and I are both looking for the coolest, newest things that will make girls excited – whatever the price whether it be a shoe for $79 or a bag for $10,000. Its very important to be supported by your boss in this industry because for most of us, we do this because its our passion. Which for a lot of people is difficult to understand. It’s not about a paycheck- Its what drives us. There is a lot of emotion behind editing accessories and Nina understands this. She’s devoted most of her life to this industry.

  ●  What are your plans for the beginning of the new year?

KA: I have a lot of shoots coming up. I just shot our first two accessories stories for March and the second week of January I have a big story I’m shooting for April. In January I’m also going to Switzerland for the watch show. Then NY, Milan, Paris Fashion Weeks and back to Switzerland again for the second watch show. I’m also sort of planning the whole season as to what I hope to accomplish with the accessories department, what stories we want to cover and what direction we want to go. We are planning a lot of new things for the 2012 issues and I’m excited to show everyone some new things in the coming months.

●  Which are your latest purchases in your wardrobe?

KA: One thing that I really needed was a new winter coat. Something really warm because I spend a lot of time walking outside. I bought this Givenchy coat from Bergdorf Goodman a few days ago and Its really warm and its black so I know I’ll wear it 1,000 times. I also ordered and it arrived like 2 days later this Givenchy sleeveless hooded sweatshirt from
Its cool and sexy and black so again I know I’ll really wear it which I’ve realized is the most important thing. Not buying a “trend” that you can only wear a few times but buying pieces that you really love that you know you can wear a million times.

Photo: Courtesy of Kyle Anderson; Interview: Alexandra Cristea

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4 Responses to Kyle Anderson l Accessories Director at Marie Claire

  1. Dennis says:

    he has an awesome style!

  2. Karmen says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  3. Monika says:

    fabulous 🙂

  4. Very nice interview 🙂


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