Lorena Sarbu for High Fashion l Exclusive Interview

Lorena Sarbu is a New York based fashion designer originally from Romania, who’s creations are Hollywood red carpet favorites by celebrities as Eva Longoria, Ellie Kemper, Carrie Underwood, Emma Stone, Miranda Lambert, Blake Lively and even more!

What’s the best thing about being a Fashion Designer and how you  discovered your passion for fashion?

L.S: Best thing about being a designer is the fact that I get to do what I love the most , fulfilling my passion and long life dream. Also dressing woman making them beautiful is quite fulfilling and gives me such a wonderful purposeful feeling . I have always been creative since I was very little so I always knew that I will be doing something creative.

Which are some of your favorite fabrics you like to work with and why?

L.S: I love working with embellishments, lace, beading, organzas , tulle, silk chiffon, printed organzas, silk fille… depending on the season of course!

What was the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Collection presented during New York Fashion Week?

L.S: Inspiration for Fall collection : 80s Madonna , glitz and glamour, gold, strong colors .. The pallet was very strong, reds, greens, blues, silvers, golds, black .

Are you a follower of trends in your personal life? How would you describe your style?

L.S: I don’t really follow trends however I do travel and I do read extensively so I know what is in and what’s not. My personal style is depending on the occasion either relaxed or dressy. But I always have a nice pair of shoes on a nice watch and a great bag. I am quite obsessed with shoes actually.

What a women can’t miss to have in her wardrobe?

L.S: A women should have in her wardrobe a great pair of jeans and a white tea, a great pair of high heels ( at least one ) , great bag neutral tone, large so she can fit everything in it, a great watch and a positive attitude!

For what celebrity would like to design something maybe in the future?

L.S: Would like to dress Jennifer Lopez , Angelina Jolie , Gwyneth Paltrow , Rihanna , Diane Kruger.

How would you define New York’s fashion?

L.S: NY fashion week was absolutely a dream come true, competitive, nerve wreaking and filled with wonderful emotions .

Where’s your favorite place to travel or live?

L.S: Favorite place to travel is St.Barths and Turks and Caicos and favorite place to live is in Bev Hills where I live actually:)!

Photo: Courtesy of Marcel Indik; Interview by Alexandra Cristea

Many thanks to Lorena Sarbu!

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