N°21 Resort 2013 Collection

N°21 Resort 2013 Collection is all about a sport attitude, where the Italian fashion designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua found a unique way of combining elegance with casual style that attracts attention in the most delightful way and creates a new perspective over the next season. The whole collection featured sporty influences counterbalanced by the essence of femininity by creating feminine designs meant to make every woman feel and look gorgeous.

For accessories, Alessandro Dell’Acqua used for the this resort collection gorgeous platform high heels sandals and black bags that matched the outfits perfectly. Their design matched the style of the collection beautifully, chic and modern.

The collection brings out energetic looks that complete a day-to-night outfit and a mix between casual and stylish characteristics for a beautiful and original fashion display. Photographed by Oskar Cecere, American model Lauren Bigalow breathes life into No.21’s vision for the Resort 2013 Collection.

Photo: Courtesy of No.21

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1 Response to N°21 Resort 2013 Collection

  1. Patypereira says:

    Amazing collection!! I like it xD ♥♥♥

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