Filippo Fior l Fashion Photographer at

● How long have you been a photographer and what does photography mean to you?

F.F: I can remember myself with a camera at 14 years old… Trying to understand how the could get so wonderful pictures on the National Geographic! Since then I went on my personal quest on photography, trying new films, hearing advices from professional photographers and so on. Then, since I could not bear any longer aerospace engineering, I thought I had to try to become a “real” photographer… So I told to myself that I had to go to Italy’s best photo agency to get the best advice on my future: I went to an interview with Grazia Neri… And I got to be one of hers photographers! I was really happy, because for me photography was what we where doing there: telling people what life and the world where! So I was involved in social and photojournalism works around Italy, trying to report all what I could see going on.

● When did you start working with

F.F: I started working for just two years ago, after 3 years I started shooting fashion. My first magazine has been Collezioni, working for Viero-Zanoni.

● What is your favorite part about being a fashion photographer?

F.F: I had to pass to fashion because Grazia Neri agency closed after that digital photography arrived, causing a lot of trouble with “reportage” photographers. Fashion, I thought at the beginning, was just a hard way to get through with life, but then I understood that it was Art and that also fashion photography was an interesting way in expressing myself. Also, the nice thing in doing fashion is the way I travel all around the world, meeting so many people and different cultures that really gives sense to my life!

● New York / Milan / Paris / London fashion week? Which one do you enjoy the most and why?

F.F: This is really a difficult question! It’s because all of these cities are wonderful and difficult together! But, surely without regrets, I can say Paris!!! This is because, even if it’s the last city where we go after weeks working 12-14 hours every single day without stopping once, it’s so lovely! The designers showing are really great, you see very interesting shows that propose always new things and you run around a wonderful city! I mean, can you imagine arriving at the Trocadero under a sunset on the Eiffel tower just before you shoot a Raf Simons show???

● What other fashion photographers do you admire?

F.F: How can you not start with Helmut Newton? Peter Lindbergh? They have a grace in taking pictures of women that is outstanding! And also a great technique! Steven Meisel too and Giampaolo Sgura are my favorite!

● How intense is the power of fashion photography these days compared to the past, when it was first established?

F.F: Fashion photography is still what is used to be: a dream that has to come try! It could sound very commercial, but it’s surely still an Art!

● What is it that you love about shooting in black and white?

F.F: Black&white is certainly the most difficult way to take a picture… Though it seems so easy, I always have to think in B&W, because the absence of color has to be filled up with what the message you see in the picture you want to take. The power of a B&W picture should be just the message.

● What was your favorite fashion show you ever shot?

F.F: Surely a great show has been Chanel A/W 2010/11, in the Grand Palais with an iceberg in the middle… But for me one of the best shows has been Haider Ackerman SS 2012! The music, the clothes, the choreography… Everything was perfect!

● Who are your top 3 favorite female models?

F.F: Natasha Poly: she’s so nice and kind and such a professional person, then Bianca Balti: bellissima! And also Simona Andrejic: she might not be well known, but she really is so elegant!

● You are photographer based in Milan, what do you love about this city and what you don’t?

F.F: Living in Milano is really great! You meet a lot of people and there is always something going on! You can go to a museum and see a Raffaello or go out to dinner at Mimmo, have an aperitivo in the quadrilatero della moda or read just a book in parco Sempione… And the bad thing in Milano is just the traffic and italian bureaucracy: sometimes it can drive you mad! As a fashion photographer instead, the bad thing is that here quality is not well understood: I work most in New York and in Paris than here in “my” town… This is sad!

● Where’s your favorite place to travel / live?

F.F: Since I travel so much for work I really don’t like much going to far… But catching a plane to go down to south Italy is one of my favorite things! Siracusa is astonishing for her history and how pleasant the people are! It’s a very calm and romantic city! Other wise I’m getting very curious on South Corea (I have been to Seoul this year for the fashion week and I was very well impressed!) and Japan: I’m pretty sure next year I’ll travel there for vacation!

Interview by Alexandra Cristea; Photos: All rights reseverd Filippo Fior 


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